How we created a website that combines sales conversion with the new image of a top media monitoring tool


Newspoint specializes in comprehensive services related to media research and data analytics, such as internet monitoring, social media, press, brand, radio, television, and company monitoring. The media monitoring tool is ideal for marketers and PR specialists from the private sector, brand development, crisis management, HR, and various public entities, including local administration, central offices, foundations, associations, and executive agencies. Newspoint data is also an excellent complement to market research.

About the project

Newspoint’s new website, with its enhanced User Experience, allows the brand to drive better sales results for the tool.

By communicating more effectively what Newspoint is and what the tool is offering (particularly to key customers such as marketers and PR professionals), the new site more effectively converts website visitors into new clients.

New design

Newspoint decided to redesign its website to make it more intuitive for the user, and enable leads generation, better positioning, and search engine optimization (including the intuitiveness of the website).

We set ourselves the following goals:

  • increased website transparency;
  • increase in the number of leads (SEO);
  • converting leads (optimizing the website and the customer path);
  • encouraging users to explore the site more deeply;
  • linking the blog to the entire Newspoint website, so that it becomes an integral part of it.

Our efforts focused on the user path, from entering the website to clicking on the sign-up button. An additional benefit of introducing a blog is the collection of organic traffic from the web, and converting it into sales traffic, in such a way that recipients of the content move seamlessly from the blog to the offer page and then try the tool in practice during the trial period.

Blog and knowledge base = added value for users

After a workshop with the client, together we decided that the blog was an integral part of the new website.

The blog contains valuable materials, such as original tutorials, reports, and instructional videos. The entries cover specific examples, such as how to use tools to monitor a brand or product, and how to generate additional benefits for a company using media monitoring. The blog has also gained completely new navigation.

What’s more, the knowledge base tab has been redesigned. Apart from original materials on media monitoring, it contains interviews, publications, and thematic infographics.

Problem = Challenge

The previous version of did not communicate the offer in a comprehensive, effective way, which limited conversions. The website was not written in the language of benefits.

Users were accustomed to individual service by consultants, therefore it was necessary to emphasize the value of individual packages in such a way that the customer could decide to purchase the product on their basis.

The challenge

The main challenge was to lay out a coherent sales narrative that would be understandable to the potential customers and encourage them to try the media monitoring tool.

A website designed based on a coherent narrative should address the user’s objectives at each stage of the sales funnel:

  • starting from the awareness stage – explaining what the tool is and its overall value,
  • through the consideration stage – presenting a clear and attractive functionality and subscription offer,
  • to the decision stage – an attractive, convincing, and understandable call to action.

Website content = the most important aspect

Next challenge was to adapt the user’s perspective. During the workshops, together with Newspoint, we defined the product benefits for potential users of the media monitoring tool.

During the workshop, we considered it crucial to define the most important business benefits in terms of using the tool by different clients in many business activities and to divide these benefits into products/services.

Previous communication on the website focused on the speed of the tool and the algorithm that instantly analyses online posts. For the user, this was not the only or most important aspect to convince them to buy.

For Newspoint customers, the priority is:

  • quickly gathering feedback on your product at an early stage;
  • the ability to develop the product in the right direction;
  • speed of data indexing (minimizing delays);
  • the widest possible coverage of data sources;
  • relevance of searches (contexts);
  • anti-spam filters;
  • access to archived data;
  • extensive panel functionalities.

The Newspoint tool is ideal for this. It became important to present these functions from the user’s perspective so that it is clearly and comprehensively visible on the website and in the presented offer.

Intuitive navigation

On the new website, the architecture of the information was mainly turned to lead generation and conversion. We directed the entire user flow path of the sales module to the pricing page. We added more CTAs (call to action). We focused on encouraging people to try the tool for free. Now the whole website leads the customer through the path we designed, straight to their purchase decision.

Previously, lacked a user path related to lead generation, so our main goal was to lead the visitor to try the tool for free as part of sales conversion.


The new website was created from scratch. We used an enriched color scheme with fresh colors, designed a completely new layout, and modernized the design.

WordPress, a content management system designed mainly for blogs, was used to create the site. It gives the possibility of independent data editing from the panel, thanks to which Newspoint can add new texts, photos, or links on its own.

On the new version of the website we again showed the services that Newspoint offers.

Services, Features, Knowledge Base, Price List, and Blog bookmarks were created:

Additionally in the footer, we included subpages such as monitoring dictionary, knowledge base, job offers, and FAQ (frequently asked questions), to further explain to a potential client the idea of Newspoint comprehensive media monitoring and its usefulness in running a business.

The website is prepared for different language versions, which gives the client a possibility to create other versions without the need for programmers to participate in these changes.

Final effects of cooperation

We asked a few questions following the website launch.

What was the main goal of cooperation for you?
The new website was supposed to be even more transactional than before, modern, fast, easy to use, responsive, better showing all of our rich offers. We also wanted to integrate the blog that previously was available in the subdomain with the main path of the website. The key factors for us were the previously conducted audits and the votes of SEO experts.
Has this goal been achieved?Czy ten cel został osiągnięty?
Robert Sadowski, Digital Marketing Manager Newspoint:
Yes, the so-called first look already shows that we have jumped to a higher level. It is clear where the offer is and where the functionalities of our brand monitoring tool are. The shopping path in terms of increasing the customer’s ease of purchase has been optimized. It is easier to read thematic guides, reports, or recordings of webinars that we often organize. It is also quicker to access the blog itself, where we publish lots of interesting articles, reports, event summaries, invitations to partner conferences and industry events, or news from the world of PR, communication, digital marketing, and media monitoring. From the SEO point of view, we have gained several thousands of internal links. And this is only the beginning of the advantages.
Robert Stalmach, Newspoint CEO:
So far Newspoint’s website had more informative than transactional function. It was a professional showcase of the company on the Internet but sales were conducted traditionally – through direct contact with the client. Newspoint’s new website allows for automation of this process – it gives full functionality of online transactions, possibility to set up a free trial and make payments without any contact with the customer service department. The need to automate the sales model was reported by Newspoint clients who in times of remote work want to be able to access our application anytime, anywhere – from any corner of the globe at any time.
The new version of the website has been prepared with the best SEO practices. As a result, already in the first days after the productive implementation of the new version the visibility of the website in the organic search results was significantly improved. The number of keywords increased rapidly from 345 to 405, while the following weeks brought a more than doubling of visibility. Currently, the site is displayed for a total of 730 keywords.
Konrad Łęcki
Head of SEO in Whites Agency

Work on the website was completed in December 2021 and the results of the collaboration can be seen at

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