Unstoppable growth: GoodC's game-changing partnership skyrockets conversions for the well-being market leader!

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A market leader in well-being e-commerce, the company noticed that despite the high popularity of their website, the conversion rate optimization (CRO) was below expectations. Therefore, the company decided to take action to improve user experience and increase conversion efficiency. They partnered with the digital agency GoodC, which provided comprehensive digital support, including enhancing the UI/UX of the website and optimizing its development.


Enhancing UI/UX of the website: GoodC conducted a detailed analysis of the user interface and user experience on the e-commerce leader's website. They identified areas requiring improvement and implemented a series of changes to make the site more user-friendly, intuitive, and enticing for making purchases.

Optimized development: GoodC undertook code optimization to ensure faster loading times and better performance on various devices. Technical improvements were introduced to minimize loading delays and enhance the overall website performance.


A month after the collaboration commenced, significant results were achieved, demonstrating the positive impact of GoodC's actions on the conversion rate optimization (CRO) of the well-being e-commerce leader's website.

Desktop Version:

  • High-quality URL addresses improved by an impressive 59%. This indicated that users were more inclined to make purchases after the introduced interface and user experience changes.

  • The total number of correct URL views increased by 13,5k. This reflects increased website traffic and a more attractive and engaging user experience.

  • URL addresses that previously presented issues decreased by 47%, resulting in users encountering fewer difficulties while browsing the site and placing orders.

Desktop results


more good quality URLs

13,5 k

increase in views of valid URLs


fewer URLs that were showing problems

Mobile Version:

  • High-quality URL addresses increased by 32%, showcasing an improved mobile experience and increased user readiness to make purchases on mobile devices.

  • The total number of correct URL views increased by 10k, contributing to higher traffic and potential customers on the mobile version of the website.

  • URL addresses that previously presented issues decreased by 24%, indicating effective resolution of technical problems and enhancement of the mobile version of the site.

Mobile results


more good quality URLs

10 k

increase in views of valid URLs


fewer URLs that were showing problems


Through collaboration with GoodC, the market leader in well-being e-commerce achieved a significant increase in conversion rate optimization (CRO) on both the desktop and mobile versions of their website.

The improvement in UI/UX and optimized development contributed to making the site more appealing to users and enhancing overall performance and shopping experience. Ultimately, the increased conversion rate resulted in more orders and greater e-commerce success for the well-being market leader.

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